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CQC UPDATE Report on Crantock Lodge-COVID-19 June 2020

This report was conducted by CQC on 24/06/2020 with our Manager Kim and CQC have reported “We have assessed that you are managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic at the above service.”

CQC Report on Crantock Lodge-COVID-19

Registered Manager Kim Oakley-Davis

Crantock Lodge, 34 Bonython Road ,
Date 24/06/2020

The Care Quality Commission is not routinely inspecting services during the COVID- 19 pandemic. We are maintaining contact with providers through existing monitoring arrangements and engagement and support calls covering four assessment areas:

  • Safe Care and Treatment
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Protection from Abuse
  • Assurance Processes, Monitoring and Risk Management
  • This Summary Record outlines what we found during the engagement and support call shown above, using standard sentences and an overall summary. We have assessed that you are managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic at the above service. The overall summary includes information about the internal and external stresses you are currently experiencing, how they are being managed, and sources of support that are available. Emergency Support Framework calls and other monitoring activity are not inspections. Summary Records are not inspection reports. Summary Records are not published on our website

Assessment Area 1

Safe care and treatment1

Had risks related to infection prevention and control, including in relation to COVID-19, been assessed and managed? YES

There were systems to assess and respond to risks regarding infection prevention and control, including those associated with COVID-19.

Were there sufficient quantities of the right equipment to help the provider manage the impact of COVID-19? YES

Essential equipment, such as personal protective equipment, was available in sufficient quantities to help you manage the impact of COVID-19.

Was the environment suitable to containing an outbreak? YES

You had taken steps to ensure the environment was as effective as possible in containing an outbreak of COVID-19.

Were systems clear and accessible to staff, service users and any visitors to the service? YES

Systems to ensure the environment were conducive to containing an outbreak of COVID-19 were clear and accessible to people using the service.

Were medicines managed effectively? YES

Service users’ medicines were effectively managed, despite the increased pressures associated with COVID-19.

Had risk management systems been able to support the assessment of both existing and COVID-19 related risks? YES

Systems enabled the continued management of known risks, as well as enabling the provider to respond to new and emerging risks, including those posed by COVID-19.

Assessment Area 2

Staffing arrangements 2

Were there enough suitable staff to provide safe care and treatment in a dignified and respectful way during the Covid-19 pandemic? YES

There were enough suitably skilled staff to provide people with safe care in a respectful and dignified way during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Were there realistic and workable plans for managing staffing levels if the pandemic leads to shortfalls and emergencies? YES

There were realistic and workable contingency plans for staffing shortfalls and emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assessment Area 3

Protection from abuse

Were people using the service being protected from abuse, neglect and discrimination? YES

People were being safeguarded from abuse, harassment and discrimination.

Had the provider been able to properly manage any safeguarding incidents or concerns during the pandemic? Yes

Action had been taken to properly respond to incidents, alerts or potential safeguarding incidents at the service.

Assessment Area 4

Assurance processes, monitoring and risk management 4.1 Yes

Had the provider been able to take action to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of staff? YES

Staff health, safety and wellbeing were protected despite the increased pressures associated with COVID-19.

Had the provider been able to implement effective systems to monitor and react to the overall quality and safety of care ?YES

There were effective systems to monitor the overall quality and safety of care being provided at the service during the COVID19 pandemic.

Is the provider able to support staff to raise concerns during the pandemic? YES

Staff were able to raise concerns and were supported to speak up during the pandemic.

Had care and treatment provided to people been sufficiently recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic? YES

Care and treatment provided to people is being sufficiently recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Had the provider been able to work effectively with system partners when care and treatment is commissioned, shared or transferred? YES

Working arrangements and information sharing with system partners during the Covid-19 pandemic are effective.

Overall summary
The registered manager spoke positively and gave us assurances about
their ability to respond to issues and deliver safe care at this time. They
were in regular contact with the local authority and CQC if they had any questions.
The registered manager believe that shutting down early has helped to
protect people.

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