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Heartfelt Thanks

The letter below was sent by the son of one of our Residents . Names have been removed for confidentiality:

I am emailing you on behalf of my Mum *** and my sisters *** and ***. Since my Mum has been at Crantock Lodge since January 2020, I have sent a number of emails to Kim and also one to the CQC, expressing our huge thanks and gratitude to your wonderful team at Crantock Lodge, for all the love and care they give to Mum. Emails and personally thanking Kim, Emma and the team never seem enough.

On Sunday evening of this week I took a call from your team to say that Mum had been unwell and the duty Doctor had been called out. It was thought that Mum had suffered a mini stroke, but this would be followed up on Monday by her own GP. My 2 sisters and I were naturally hugely concerned. On Monday 27 Sept, Kim and Emma were all over it making sure that everything that could be done for Mum was done. We were advised that Mum had been taken off liquids and food and the prognosis was poor. We were shocked to hear this news and whilst ** was able to go and see Mum straight away, *** had to get a train from London and I drove down from Exeter and the 3 of us saw Mum later that evening. Kim had organized it that we could see Mum any time and she also made available a room next to Mum, so that *** could stay the night to be with Mum. When I arrived at Crantock Lodge that Monday evening it was very emotional because I think we all thought Mum might not be with us much longer. Your team were with Mum sitting with her, caring for her. It was just wonderful to see how they were with Mum. My sisters and I then spent time with Mum and amazingly by then she had regained her smile and was clearly loving seeing us. It was a magical experience for us.

Since Monday, it seems that Mum has made a remarkable turn for the better. She is now back on liquids and feeding as before. She maintains her big smile. My sisters have been updating me on how things have been going with Mum. They have also been telling me just how wonderful all of your team have been to Mum and to them as well. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Kim, Emma and your team are responsible for giving Mum a wonderful quality of life since she was lucky enough to be given a place at Crantock Lodge. The love and care that Mum gets day in and day out is truly amazing and wonderful. We consider Kim, Emma and the team to be part of our family. They have been entrusted in caring for our Mum and just knowing how good they all are, is so comforting to us.

As I have already said an email is never enough, but as a family we wanted to bring this to your attention again. It is so hard to put into words just how good the team are. It must be a great feeling for you as well to know that you have such wonderful team of loving, caring and hugely professional people. I am also going to copy this email to the CQC as well.

Best wishes,

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